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Mediterranean Spa Rituals

Immerse yourself in the blissful sunshine & sea, with a NEW range of spa treatments to leave you glowing for your holidays...

Inspired by the beautiful waters of the Mediterranean, and using naturally sourced ingredients from its surrounding countries, I give to you a taste of the sun, to melt away your stresses & give your skin a fabulous pamper! Want to mix up your treatments? No problem - just contact me for a quote & I will be happy to help!

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Clay Oasis

Purifying Clay Body Wrap

Inspired by the rich cultural heritage and natural wonders of Morocco, Clay Oasis transports you to the sun-kissed shores and azure waters of the Mediterranean coastline. Immerse yourself in the therapeutic properties of nutrient-rich Rhassoul clay, sourced from the pristine landscapes of Morocco. Known for its detoxifying and skin-nourishing benefits, the clay gently purifies the skin, drawing out toxins and leaving it feeling refreshed and renewed. As you relax in the treatment room, I apply a clay mask, tailored to your unique skin needs - a range of colours are available, as well as Turkish zeolite. Feel the stress and tension melt away as the clay works its magic, restoring harmony to both body and mind.

Enhanced with aromatic botanicals and essential oils reminiscent of the Mediterranean flora, the experience is a sensory journey of relaxation and rejuvenation. Let the soothing scents transport you to sun-drenched olive groves and fragrant citrus orchards, as you drift into a state of blissful serenity.

After gently rinsing off the clay, your skin will appear soft, supple & cleansed of impurities. Rhassoul clay may also benefit the ageing process by smoothing any fine lines, wrinkles, and bringing moisture to dry skin. A nurturing massage treatment will conclude with rich oils to maintain your results for longer. Complete your journey with a refreshing herbal infusion, and emerge from your sanctuary feeling beautiful!

Golden Goddess

Gold-infused Scrub & Massage

Indulge in this gold-infused beauty treatment, fit for a queen (or king!). Mineral-rich Dead Sea salt will scrub away any impurities and remove dead skin cells to leave your back & legs soft as a cloud. Then relax as the deeply nourishing massage will soak in the moisture, with a specially created gold lotion that will give your skin a beautiful shimmering sheen! Choose this treatment on the couch or futon - you deserve it! All ingredients are organic, natural and exclusively available at Magick Massage Therapy.

Image by Christopher Campbell

My hand-poured gold scrub is created using nourishing butters, oils & salt to thoroughly hydrate your skin. The lotion is particularly beneficial for the spring/summer months due to its light consistency, meaning you will be moisturised without feeling soaked in oil or "clogged". All ingredients are vegan & suitable for nut allergies.


Rocks of the Med

Gold Hot Stone Massage

Dreaming of the Spanish coast? Wish you were back on holiday in Croatia? Don't let our weather get you down; take an hour for yourself to bask in the heat of Mediterranean stones, soothing away any tight knots or tensed muscles. Handpicked and naturally sourced rocks are heated in a bath of water (set to a temperature that is comfortable for you) and used to massage in the specially created Gold lotion that will comfort stiff joints as well as leaving your skin with a beautiful sun-kissed sheen.

Choose any areas to focus on, or simply relax your full body & face in the nourishing oils & hot stones - why not enhance your experience with my hand-mixed Ocean Healing music to take yourself to the blissful sounds of the sea? Your holiday starts here...

Juicy Lips

Fruitful Lip Treatment

Has the sun got to your lips? Not drunk enough water and feeling dried out? Fear not, this fruity treatment will leave you with sumptuous lips that are full of life! Indulge in a delicious sugar scrub to remove excess dead or flaky skin cells, reminiscent of the orange & lemon trees that grow across the Mediterranean. Next, a tasty hydrating mask is applied to draw out impurities & deliver moisture. A generous dollop of berry-infused oil is then provided to soak in all the goodness and leave your mouth plump & puckered!


The treatment is complete with your choice of tinted lip balm or a selection of natural lipsticks - ready for the weekend, a special occasion, or just to make you feel beautiful for your dinner. Take home a fresh pot of fruits to seal the deal - you deserve it!

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