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Flowers & Herbs of Magick




6 weeks

About the Course

A weekly online course to gain a deeper understanding into the common herbs used for ritual practice. Many religions and consequently spellwork uses herbs & flowers in various ways - you will learn about the cultural importance, different herbs used by different belief systems, how to grow your own herbs and how to use them in your personal magick work.

Cultures which will be covered for their use of herbs:

  • Ayurveda & Hinduism

  • Voodoo/Vodun/Hoodoo

  • Wicca & Paganism

  • Hawaiian tribal healers

  • Aboriginals

  • Ancient Egypt & Kabbalah

Each session will be held weekly via Zoom, every Tuesday evening, lasting roughly 90 minutes. We will begin on the 21st March to celebrate the Spring Equinox. You will be provided with a course handbook via email - feel free to print off any interactive pages if you would like to fill them in by hand, otherwise you can open the file in an image editor app and add your own fields of text if you are more tech-savvy. You could also choose to simply write down your notes on a plain old notepad too!

This course booking includes all of the sessions & workbook in the cost, so it works out at around £8 per session. Please contact me if you would like a starter pack of herbs & other witchy items - these are charged at £20 including postage (additional fees may apply for international delivery). There are no "entry requirements" and you are welcomed to join no matter what your current level of learning is. This course is for complete beginners, intermediate magicians, and advanced practitioners who need a little "refresh".

Your Instructor

Mikaela Korth

Mikaela Korth
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