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Online Self-Care Massage Workshop




10 weeks

About the Course

Relax, unwind, and take care of yourself. This intensive workshop will take you through lessons on Anatomy & Physiology, musculoskeletal conditions, and a complete full body package for self healing. You will receive a weekly email with the theory of the lesson, and video demonstrations to watch. You will then join in a Zoom session to go through the material in more detail and have the chance to ask any questions. Your weekly email will also contain fun interactive activities for you to complete in your own time.

My Online Self Care Workshop is available to everyone of all abilities or learning development; everyone needs to relax, and sometimes it isn't possible or affordable to receive a massage. To combat this I am gifting you the knowledge and the skills to develop your healing process and give you the tools to treat yourself. Learning is invaluable; with this workshop you will gain confidence in your capabilities, gain a deeper understanding of the human body and how it links to the mind, learn self-soothing techniques to help calm you down in a negative situation, and ultimately improve your mental wellbeing.

The workshop is provided over the course of 10 weeks, consisting of course material including:

  • Basic human Anatomy, Physiology & Pathology

  • Musculoskeletal conditions, chronic illnesses & links to mental health

  • Mental wellbeing check-in with journaling activities

  • Head massage for insomnia & depression

  • Head massage for PTSD & anxiety

  • Neck & Shoulder massage for muscle strains & back pain

  • Lower Back massage for sciatica & slipped discs

  • Glutes & thigh massage for sciatica & ilitiobial band syndrome

  • Hand & Foot Reflexology

  • Facial Reflexology & Face Yoga

  • Stomach massage for IBS & digestion problems

  • Full body Acupressure for various illnesses

  • Tension Release & Posture Adjust exercises

  • Guided meditation & Chakra Balancing

Starter Packs available for only £60!

Your Starter Pack will come complete with:

  • 100ml Base oil & 2 Essential oils

  • Digital 3 hour long Soundscape

  • 7 Chakra crystals

  • Face cloth and massage sheet

  • Comfortable flaxseed eye pillow

  • Stones for Reflexology

  • and some Facial goodies!

No Starter Pack is the same as the other and you will receive products tailored towards the answers you provide when signing up for this workshop. It is not essential for you to buy this, however the products are intended to help you as you move through each lesson, and you will also need to purchase them if you wish to try the techniques you are shown... so save the hassle of sourcing everything yourself and let me take care of that instead... energy is precious - don't waste it!

Emails will be sent out every Monday. 90 minute Zoom lessons then held on the following Thursday evening to allow you practice time for the video demonstrations. Please feel free to take notes throughout your course and ask as many questions as you like. No query is too foolish to ask, for your need to know means you possess the intelligence to question. I will try my best to answer and give you honest guidance. This workshop is priced in GBP, but it is open to the world as it is provided online. If you are an international customer and would like a Starter Pack please contact me as you will incur additional postage fees & may be delayed in receiving your Pack.

Non-refundable deposit of £20 required on booking, which will go towards your total fee. Full payment required within 14 days of receiving your Welcome email.

Your Instructor

Mikaela Korth

Mikaela Korth
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