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I have so many things planned for the new year, far too much to fit into a social media post, that I thought to make a whole page for them! You can see my latest up-to-date workshops, retreats, and other exciting info happening in my world below...


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Save Our Planet!

NEW! Bespoke Healing Journey & Workshop Plans

I am very excited to announce I will be offering half day, full day, and overnight workshops including massage & holistic therapies. You will get to try out a variety of activities ranging from creative to exercise, with the purpose of healing, as well as experience a treatment of choice! 

In January & February I am planning to hold Ayurvedic Workshops where you can bring your partner or friend along and learn about this ancient science, find out how you connect to the elements, as well as practice on your partner and try out massaging each other. If you would like to know more about this please visit the link above to book your day. You can also book a 1-to-2 session if you'd prefer to try it out in private - the date you choose is yours!

In late February you will find me at Airy Fairy in Sheffield for my first ever Pop-Up Massage Day & you can also try my FREE Crystal Healing Workshop. Find out all about the magickal powers of rocks and minerals; enjoy a deeply soothing meditation, and connect with my wonderful array of crystals... simply visit the events page (linked above) to sign up - I will be available in the Temple from 10am-3pm. Catch the crystals at 4pm!

In late March, myself and my beautiful artist friend Lily Croxford will be hosting a Mini Retreat in nature to show you what we are planning ahead. We have something really exciting lined up... it may or may not involve a trip abroad to a land of sunshine... watch this space!

I am also really excited to announce my brand new Elemental Bespoke Healing Journey! I have been working for a long time to develop this Journey, which is designed as an alternative method to therapy, combining massage, beauty and holistic health as one. I am really excited to finally bring this idea to life, because it is an answer for those who are tired of the norm, the meaningless, the stigma, and whatever is "popular". You can also find my upcoming Online Courses related to holistic health and spirituality. 

I wish to curate a community of people who are kind-hearted but misunderstood. People who have good souls deep within their fog and darkness; people who rebel against the crowd, people who are intelligent and look between the lines to notice more than does the naked eye. If this sounds like you, please do enquire further about my Healing Journey. 

Ecstatic Dance Launch Party - POSTPONED

To celebrate our launch for our new year retreats, we of course must host a party to show you what to look forward to!

Keep an eye out for our social event coming in February- an evening of ecstatic dance, drinks & socialising, as well as taster sessions for our activities and treatments

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Save our Planet! Tree Planting Activity

You are welcomed to join my mission to save our planet, and you are invited to come to this free Wellbeing Activity in February 2023. 

I will be planting over 200 trees as part of the ongoing campaign by I Dig Trees - you too can sign up in your local area via the link.  

You are welcomed to join me in Seaton Delaval, where we will plant these trees around the area and bring purity to our air and beauty to the wildlife. 

Come and get your hands dirty and nourish your soul in my group activity, where you can plant your own tree and claim it in the world. Gift back to Mother Earth this New Year; you'll feel great, I promise!

The tree saplings will be delivered to my door in early February, so please keep a look out for the exact dates of the activity - for best results, sign up above to my newsletter & be the first to know! 

Elemental Soundscape

Missed out on my Soup & Sound Bath? No worries! You can download a complete digital soundscape & meditation with additional music to listen to in the comfort of your own home! 

The Elemental Soundscape is around an hour and 20 minutes long, including a 45 minute meditation. The bassy binaural beats paired with beautifully recorded natural tracks will leave you feeling harmonious, rebalanced, and comfortably rested.

Some feedback from the track has been "moving", "deeply relaxing" and "gave me goose-bumps"- the file can be yours for £2 by contacting me

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Push for Change in the "War on Drugs"

NEW! Pet Photography & Animal Massage

You are in for such a treat this new year if you have a loveable furry friend! To introduce my brand new Animal Massage treatment, I will be offering 100 lucky domestic pet owners a FREE pet photoshoot complete with a massage and energy healing for your pawsome pal! 

You'll be able to spot some flyers in your local area if you are near me or my gym, but as the first people to see this deal online, you can also use this email link to book your spot! 

As you may be aware, I am an active supporter for the legalization of recreational cannabis, and decriminalization of classified drugs & substances.

I am proud to use CBD oil in my massage treatments & I intend to become a member with the International Church of Cannabis upon my next trip abroad. There are other harmful substances which, with abuse, can cause serious long term damage, and I aim to provide therapeutic massage to aid with addiction recovery. 

Cannabis, in my opinion, is not a harmful substance and the law is very much outdated with its approach to drugs. There are many studies which are abundant with evidence to show great benefit of marijuana's use within medicine alone, and a number of countries who's laws have changed and crime rate has subsequently depleted. If you agree with me and would like to sign your name upon my petition, please enter your information below...

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