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Enhance Your Home Energy with Crystals

Did you know that different rocks and minerals can have profound effects within your home, depending on how and where you place them? The art of "feng shui" and arranging your space so that it is favourable includes the use of elemental science, and what better way to connect with the earth in your home than with literal pieces of it?!

If you are aware of Crystal Healing, and using different stones to connect with different Chakra areas, then you will definitely find use in this blog post! Maybe you just like displaying beautiful rocks that you collect, or perhaps you are a fan of fossils and items of curiosity? Whatever your use or fascination with earthy ornaments, read on and find out the best ways to enhance the energy in your home...

Different minerals contain different healing properties, so putting all your stones in one basket may seem like a great idea at first, but with all the different energies going on in one place it can eventually become overwhelming! Different rooms, also need different energies - you wouldn't want to feel motivated and awake when you're going to bed, nor would you want to feel tired and sleepy in the kitchen preparing breakfast. And it doesn't really make much sense to put a calming stone next to an energizing one, does it?

I noticed our storage cupboard was being neglected and our living room was more of a dead room when I realised my problem - all of my crystals and collected rocks are either on display in our front window or on the bookshelf in our bedroom. And they were all jumbled up in terms of their properties - the calming howlite was right next to stimulating calcite, and happy bubbly citrine was totally being engulfed by powerfully mature amethyst! This was not creating a "balance" like we needed, but rather a horrible mix and match of too much healing. Have you ever dealt with an "overbearing mother"? Yeah, that's what happens when you don't organize your crystals!

So, time to get to work. Your house may be laid out differently to mine, and if you are privileged enough to not have to live in a terraced house in the UK then you're more than likely to have more rooms than me, so please feel free to apply your own "rules" for what kinds of energy you want to create in each space. These are just simple ideas that I used for our own rooms using the crystals that I have. What is "energy", you ask? In my opinion it is the type(s) of feeling you want to experience when in those spaces - for example a "calm energy" would be favourable for the bedroom because it induces feelings of tiredness, rest, release of tension, and the ability to sleep easily. I firmly believe people carry energy in the same way, that's why some people exhaust and drain you from their "fiery spirit" and others bore you away into a peaceful slumber with their "low and slow" way of being. And some people have the capacity to display all number of energies at different times!


The Bedroom

Shout-out to my best friend Lily, the Queen of Dreams. The bedroom is my favourite room, and I think it might be hers, too. The bedroom is where you unwind from the day, relax and rest your weary head. Not everyone undertakes physical or challenging work every day, but everyone likes the feeling of rest, and a space where you can lie down for the night is the most basic human need other than nourishment. So, it surely makes sense to create a space where there is calm, warmth, and is dimly lit. You also want to make this space the safest in the house because it is where you can retreat to and be protected from predators - all healing and love takes place here, some days really are that bad and you want somewhere to get out of it and literally sleep it off. The bedroom is also the place for astral projection and to connect with your heart and crown Chakra, to reach the spirit world most closely.

With these points in mind, you want to choose rocks that have calming properties, relaxing and deeply intimate energies. Ancient and wise stones that connect with the moon and stars, paired with crystals that reduce anxiety or soothe your body are best. Amethyst, rose quartz, blue howlite and selenite would all be great choices to bring these energies in, and make beautiful display pieces for any bedroom! Selenite is also capable of charging with the light of the moon, so make sure you place a pillar in your window overnight!


The Bathroom

The most underrated room in the house. My bathroom has become something of my haven recently, as I came down with food poisoning for 2 weeks (thanks, China City in Blyth! Just you wait for court...), and normally it is overlooked for its energy. The bathroom is where you go to refresh yourself, cleanse away your dirt (and sorrows), and take a little minute (or 30) for yourself. Some people think that water can be draining of energy and bring too much negativity, but sometimes draining can be good for you. If your body is being irritated by a substance, you need to flush out the toxin to be healthy again. And hey, the relief you feel after a good s*** is another highly underrated part of life.

For these reasons, I think some cleansing and watery crystals would be best suited for your bathroom. Choose some stones which target the throat Chakra, bring you peaceful clarity and a new perspective - something to think about in the shower or on the toilet, for your little private moment. Clear quartz, larimar, sodalite and a few river rocks would be perfect choices for a bathroom window display.


The Kitchen

Food, glorious fooood! I haven't ordered a takeaway in months, and after that incident I don't think I will order again for another few months... the kitchen needs to be the "happy place". Nourishment makes the belly happy, and the stomach Chakra connects with overall health and wellbeing, so it is only natural that your sources of nourishment make you happy. The kitchen should be your source, and preparing food in a loving and happy environment literally makes the food taste better - no amount of MSG will recover a miserable stove! I also believe food should excite and challenge you, so lots of flavours and spices work well.

Bring happy energy into your kitchen using energetic, exotic and warmth-radiating crystals. Choose qualities such as creativity and lightness to make your cooking sing and dance, and make you excited to eat it! You should also pair with some cleansing crystals by the window or sink to boost your motivation to remember the dishes... Carnelian, moss agate, calcite, sunstone, and citrine would be my choices for happy-boosting gems in the kitchen. If you have a window near full sunlight, pop your citrine on the sill, as it charges in sunshine for a big burst of happiness just before preparing dinner...


The Living Room

As the name suggests, here is where all your life energy should come in. Connect with your sacral and heart Chakra in this room by being active or social. This space should be central in your house with enough space to hold everyone in your house comfortably, and be accommodating to everyone in the house - i.e. an activity available to suit all. Draw in more character and interest by asking the people in your household what they enjoy doing as a group, and make the effort to participate in something different than you'd normally do to enjoy the energy of evolution. Lots of planning or organization can also take place in the living room, because it is the space where everyone can exist together and work out solutions.

The living room is the space of families, change, growth and adventure. You should choose stones which generate life force, vitality, and wealth or prosperity, and can help you socialise with others where you are inspired by one another rather than upon each other's nerves. Some great examples of crystals which can accomplish these needs are aventurine, ammonite stone or other fossils, dumortierite, aragonite, and mookaite.


The Home Office

Your place of study. This room should be your space to focus, to read, listen or watch something educational, and be a quiet area for mental power. Ideally this room should be very protective too, because working or studying will inevitably be interrupted by outside events, and you will need to find ways to complete your tasks without being distracted. Connect yourself with your third eye Chakra in your study room by unlocking knowledge and experimenting with your skills - this is the perfect room for complete creativity of your self, to empower you and give you success in life. Your home office can also be an art workshop or a fitness studio, depending on what you do, so regardless the energy that you draw in should give you overall confidence.

Crystals which unlock creativity, give you courage and mental strength, or boost your motivation are all ideal for your home office. Highly protective or patience-inducing stones will also work very well to help you keep your focus and unleash your potential. For these purposes, I chose amber, tiger's eye, lapis lazuli and pyrite for my partner's study, and white howlite, serpentine, tiger's eye and bloodstone for mine.


The Hallway

Your gateway to the world! The hallway is your little portal of expressional energy, often storing it for when you go outside, and providing a space to destress before you enter the rest of the home. While it is mostly unused, the hallway should not be overlooked for its important role in the household - it acts as a great protector to all the outside influences, removing toxicity before it reaches other parts of the house, and builds you up to be ready to face the world. The hallway also acts as the root and binding of the household, by offering an in-between space for other rooms and keeping them together; without your hallway, your house would just be a load of inconvenient passageways through each room! Some Ancient Chinese folk claim that your front door is the "mouth" of your "qui" (life energy), so it seems fitting that your hallway will be the passage for the qui to run through, and even more fitting to connect with your root Chakra here.

Baring this all in mind, I believe highly protective and guarding gems will work best in your hallway. Black is the colour of protection in magick, so think dark for these rocks. Black tourmaline, onyx, any form of obsidian, shungite or hematite would be very powerful and grounding stones for your hallway.


The "Spare" Room

Everyone has that room in their home. Whether it be a large cupboard that is used for storage, a guest bedroom that last saw a guest in 2019, or a basement room which you played beer pong in one time but swore you would never party in again after the floor got spilled on. This room is feeling pretty lonely now! Give it back some life by making it your meditation space instead. Maybe you could turn it into another study room and make more space elsewhere? Or convert it into a workshop, and have your office for pure book learning. Whichever way you'd like to change up your spare room, draw in energetic and creative energy through your whole Chakra system here.

Chrysocolla, red jasper, blue apatite, garnet and goldstone all possess creative qualities, bring you mental focus and unlock awareness, give you powerful problem-solving skills and will help you reinvent your spare space to make it the best it can be.


Did you find this article useful? Do you own similar gemstones, or perhaps you have some different choices? Please feel free to leave a comment below and share your thoughts...

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