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The Importance of Massage in a Cost of Living Crisis

I have begun this blog as a way of airing my thoughts, due to my thumbs hurting from endless social media posts which receive about 4 likes maximum each time. Writing a blog is satisfying to me because I don't usually transcribe my words well vocally, but I can express myself easily through text. And I think it would be best if I kept my Facebook posts to a minimum of 3 sentences at this rate.

So, my first post is based on the current "Cost of Living Crisis" in the UK right now - everyone is really feeling the damage right now. Lots of people can't afford to heat their homes, let alone eat 3 meals a day, and it can become very draining to continue to go to work if you can't see the point, or don't view your situation as getting any better. I'd just like to say that you are completely valid for feeling frustrated and discouraged - the economic climate is a tragedy right now. It is NOT your fault. You did nothing to deserve this and your environment has become harsh to survive in.

We cannot change our environment alone. Either we all band together to change things or we must "put up" with the stress until it is relieved. Sadly it is seeming like the latter is the chosen option. However, this only highlights to me how important massage and holistic therapy are as healing modalities to cope with this crisis. As a therapist I cannot change your personal environment, but I can surely provide a space for your healing, as well as the relaxation so you can reach a state of peace and realise what measures you need to take to change things.

Massage helps more than the muscles; massage can reach our bodies to a state of enlightenment, a state of in between awake and sleep, open a portal to another realm of reality. When the body is in deep relaxation, the mind is allowed to drift and elevate away from its physical form. When the mind is no longer present in our physical reality, it can connect spiritually with unexplained forces and bring a sense of overall wellbeing. Even if I can take just an hour away from your misery and help you escape to that other realm then I have completed my job.

If you'd like to try a warming treatment this winter and beat the heating costs, come and try one of my special Winter Warmth Menu treatments - you can find this in my Offers page of my website. I am also offering reduced prices, 50% off for all new and old clients, as well as free massages when you refer a friend. Come and relax in warmth today - you deserve it!

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