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What is a Chakra Cleanse?

My unique "Chakra Cleanse" treatment came about around this time last year. I had the pleasure of working at The Vault in Wallsend and someone was asking for a Chakra rebalance so I decided to create it.

Before you start thinking it is all made up nonsense, I can assure you I took the time to research the Chakra system thoroughly, as well as applied my own current knowledge of Ayurveda to come up with the routine! The "snake oil salesman" is a myth - of course there are plenty of idiots parading around as spiritual healers these days but most intelligent people are capable of telling the difference, and when someone puts in the effort to create something for the benefit of others it really shows.

Which brings me to my point of how popular this treatment has become. Currently no one in the North East offers Chakra Cleansing; there are some spas in the South which offer a version of it, but my treatment is also unique because I put it together! I have helped many people now relax their bodies and remove blockages held within their souls. It has been quite astounding to realise the profound effect it has on some clients; I have been told people have seen spirits, different colours, felt a presence that was not there... all because of my careful touch.

You may have noticed a running theme on my website if you have been browsing thoroughly... I am a very much element-orientated person and I truly believe people harmonise with different elements which presents in their personality traits, behaviour, appearance, and even voice. Think of the "ditzy chatterbox" archetype - this person is a very airy character. The "big bald brute" is a giant mass of earth. The "free-spirited explorer" is a watery person. The "feisty, bold leader" is filled with fiery passion. The "hermit gamer" is an ethereal creature with no time for this planet. Not everyone fits a stereotype of course, some people can be more than one element, or a balance of all. However, when our elements become out of balance, perhaps due to the outside environment, diet changes, poor sleep, etc.. we lose our energy flow.

When we think of the "Chakra system", it is essentially a spinning wheel of energy. The "Kundalini shakti" (the coiled snake carrying the energy) likes to dance and play, moving our energy flow (or "prana") so that it reaches from our root to our third eye. Each area of the Chakra is known to be placed along the spine, as well as the neck and head - these can all be represented with different colours, much like a rainbow as the root is red or brown and the crown is purple. Each area also connects with a different element, but as some people display more of one element than another then they might notice those areas of their bodies are stronger. The crown holds the wheel of motion and seals it within our bodies, and also acts as the portal to connect with the spirit realm. That is probably why I have been told people can see spirits when my hands reach their heads!

So, what exactly is involved in a Chakra Cleanse? Well, there is no "set" routine as such, because it entirely depends on you! But to give you a basic idea, you will be asked what element (or elements) you align with the most to begin with, so that I may tailor the meditation to suit you. I start with a gentle breathwork exercise to bring your body to a state of calm, and then I ask you to sit comfortably on a stool whilst I assess your aura.

I will then gently loosen your back and shoulder muscles whilst guiding you through the meditation - this takes you through the Chakra system starting at the root, moving upwards all the way to the crown, whilst gentle massage strokes and Reiki movements are performed.

To make this treatment even more relaxing, I am now introducing Ayurvedic floor massage to complete. Previously I used my massage couch and my client would lie face down then turn to have their face and head relaxed, but with the floor mat it is so much easier! You will not need to worry about getting up onto the couch, simply take a step down from the stool and lie on the floor. The extra space for me also means I can perform more advanced movements and help your limbs stretch better!

As a peaceful end to your treatment, I transfer the energy of crystals suited to your needs and help you connect spiritually. These are either placed upon your head or given to you to hold towards your heart.

Feel free to ask any questions after your treatment as I always try to provide at least 15 minutes for after-care discussion. If you are in a rush I am more than happy to email you later with any advice that may be helpful to your situation.

Thank you so much for reading; I hope you have a peaceful night!

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