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A 25ml bottle of a highly potent Anointing Oil for your magickal purposes. Please note these are not intended for consumption or as skincare. You can enhance your rituals by anointing candles, wax or aromatherapy diffusers, drops on your pillow, purse or clothes, or for dowsing in water (or any other non-contact ways you have creatively made for reaching the spiritual realm!)

Choose from a range of Intentions, including:

  • Prosperity & Wealth 
  • Good Luck & Success
  • Love - build strong, loving relationships
  • Love - reconnect lost bonds and heal emotional damage
  • Lust - increase attraction, beauty & desirability
  • Peace, Harmony & Release from trauma
  • Healing - physical pain & illness
  • Healing - mental distress, anxiety & emotional pain
  • Fertility, Menopause & Women's Health
  • Protection & Banishment of evil forces
  • Spiritual Alignment & Psychic Enhancement
  • Empowerment, Strength & Focus


Or create your custom spell with the Custom Text field below!

Custom Spiritual Anointing Oil

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