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Bespoke Holistic Beauty


Holistic beauty is the practice of beauty treatments, naturally. I source cruelty-free, plastic-free & organic skincare from small local businesses to provide you with a clean-conscience pampering experience. Choose from Ayurvedic techniques for mind, body & soul, or target specific facial concerns with my luxurious CBD routine.

Ayurvedic Living

Love Your Skin

An Ayurvedic lifestyle is designed to promote longevity & happiness within one's own skin. My Facial therapy is for everyone no matter what your skin needs - my treatments provide you with both a relaxing treat for your face as well as a fresh mindset to promote body positivity.

Specialist CBD

Target specific concerns

I have been gifted some beautifully handmade & unique to my brand - CBD oils which target a variety of specific skin concerns. These oils are used for your facial massage and are designed to produce results!

With a wealth of knowledge in dermatology & experience in providing 5 star luxury facials, I am here to guide you on your skin journey to look & feel great!

Facial Routines

Relax, Unwind, Restore

Your skin rejuvenation can take anywhere from 40 minutes to a good hour & a half depending on your needs. All Facial treatments include a skincare consultation & brief facial analysis to determine the best products & massage techniques for you. 

A basic routine includes a cleanse, exfoliation, massage & moisturise. Longer treatments also include a mask, steam & choice of hot stones or herbal compress. A deeper skincare analysis can also be added to provide you with suggestions & solutions for you to take home.

Beautify Your Body

Give the rest of you a treat!

You can also give your body a pampering cleanse with a back/booty facial ("Bacial"), hand or foot cleanse with nail & cuticle repair, or why not try a holistic makeover with natural makeup!

Special Beauty Offers

Choose any 2 treatments & take 30% off the total price
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