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Please browse my complete offerings of massage, beauty and spiritual healing therapies. If you would like any further information regarding these treatments please do not hesitate to contact me. I have created many unique treatments using inspiration from across the globe, with the aim of helping specific issues which I have encountered upon my career journey. 

Signature Treatments

60/90/120 mins         £50/£70/£90
For mobile appts add £10

Lomilomi Full Body Deep Tissue Massage

My Signature Massage. The Lomilomi massage is a healing dance for the mind and body. Inhale the purifying sage and listen to the breezy Hawaiian melodies as you drift away to distant tropical beaches. Remedial rescue to Release the Soul.

Length varies         from £20
For mobile appts add £10

5 Elements Holistic Facial & Body Treatments

Using the 5 elements: Earth, Water, Fire, Air and Ether, I have created face & body treatments to suit a variety of skin types and beauty needs. All treatments include a sound bath, drink on arrival and parting gift based on each element, and use natural & plastic-free cosmetics. 

45/60 mins         £30/£45
For mobile appts add £10

Ayurvedic Head, Shoulders & Neck Massage

Ayurveda is the "science of life"; it is a spiritual alignment originating in India. A head massage uses proven techniques to help treat insomnia, narcolepsy, and further sleep disorders, as well as depression, anxiety & PTSD. It is relaxing, relieving and sure to give you the best sleep of your life! Add on an oil hair or scalp treatment to restore damaged locks.

60/90/120 mins         £50/£70/£90
For mobile appts add £10

Chakra Cleanse & Crystal Energy Healing

Are you lacking energy? Maybe you need to run more with the river of life? Connect your mind, body and soul with this meditative massage and crystal ritual to realign your Chakra flow. Visualise and feel the elements guiding you to a better way of living!

Full Treatment Menu

MOBILE ONLY TREATMENTS - Please check back for updated therapy room.

CONCESSIONS RATE AVAILABLE - if you are struggling financially or are disabled you will receive a 50% discount for all treatments. Please let me know in advance if you are disabled, a student or earning below £25k so you can claim this (no proof will be asked for).

Massage Treatments

Ayurvedic Head Massage

45/60 mins          £30/£45

Aromatherapy Relaxation Massage

30/45/60 mins     £30/£40/£45

Mama Bee Pregnancy Massage

60/90 mins            £40/£50

Lomilomi Deep Tissue Massage

60/90/120 mins   £50/£70/£90

NEW Ayurvedic Partner Massage Workshop

2 - 2.5 hours         £150

Add-on a 15 min self-care stretching tutorial to any treatment for £10

5 Element Body Treatments

Earth / Grounding Stones Pedicure

30/60 mins       £20/£40

Water / Mineral Magick Manicur

30/60 mins      £20/£40

Fire / Warm Heart, Warm Soul, Warm Oil

45/90 mins      £45/£70

Air / Uplifting Breeze Upper Body

100 mins          £75

Ether / Moonshine Buff & Glow

100 mins          £75

5 Element Facial Treatments

Earth / The Enchanted Forest

60 mins         £45

Water / Mineral Magick

70 mins         £50

Fire / Hot Lava Java

70 mins         £50

Air / Facelift Fairy

75 mins          £55

Ether / Dreamy Glow

80/100 mins   £60/£75

Magick / Holistic Treatments

The Enchanted Forest mobile only

30/60/90 mins     £30/£45/£60

Voodoo Fusion

60 mins                 £45

Ayurvedic Chakra Cleans

60/90 mins         £50/£70

Astral Projection Ritual

60/90 mins         £50/£70

Love from the Andes

90 mins                £70

Magick Heaing Prices
Massage Therapy Prices
5 Element Body/Face Prices

I also offer makeup and photoshoot services to both adults and children, and healing massages for domestic pets (I am a fan of cats & large dogs!). Please contact me if you would like a full or half day quote for your party requirements (i.e. face paint, photography etc.). You can view some pamper party & bridal packages here. Corporate packages can be accessed here. I am DBS checked with qualifications in First Aid and Paediatric First Aid, and have ample experience working with animals, children and vulnerable adults. 


Natural/Casual Makeup

For brides, interviewees, first daters, or anyone wanting a light pick-me-up! Enjoy your choice of colours to enhance your natural beauty.


Glam/Occasion Makeup

For the wildcat who loves to sparkle! Enjoy a luxurious brightening Facial and your choice from an array of glittery goodies to let you shimmer in the spotlight!

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