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Please browse my complete offerings of massage, beauty and spiritual healing therapies. If you would like any further information regarding these treatments please do not hesitate to contact me. I have created many unique treatments using inspiration from across the globe, with the aim of helping specific issues which I have encountered upon my career journey. 

Signature Treatments

90/120/180 mins         £80/£90/£120
For mobile appts add £10

The Magick Massage

My Signature Massage. Using a combination of techniques from multiple different styles of massage, I bring to you a treatment which is both relaxing and remedial. The service includes a full consultation with in-depth assessment, after-care & guided meditation. Restoration to Release the Soul.

from 40 mins       
from £45
For mobile appts add £10

Ayurvedic & CBD Facials

A completely tailored & luxurious session for your face. Choose up to 100 mins to indulge your skin in whatever it needs. Ayurveda works for a wide range of skin types and focuses on relaxation for the face and head. For more specialist concerns, such as ageing or relieving symptoms of TMJ, try a CBD routine. Natural & cruelty-free skincare from local suppliers.

45/60 mins         
For mobile appts add £10

Ayurvedic Head, Shoulders & Neck Massage

Ayurveda is the "Knowledge of Life"; it is a spirituality & healthcare originating in India. A head massage uses proven techniques to help treat insomnia, narcolepsy, and further sleep disorders, as well as depression, anxiety & PTSD. It is relaxing, relieving and sure to give you the best sleep of your life! Add on an oil hair or scalp treatment to restore damaged locks.

70 mins         
For mobile appts add £10

Chakra Cleanse Initiation

Are you lacking energy? Maybe you need to run more with the river of life? Connect your mind, body and soul with this meditative massage and crystal ritual to realign your Chakra flow. Visualise and feel the elements guiding you to a better way of living!

Full Treatment Menu

Make it a Double!

Treat your partner, friend, family member, neighbour, or even bring your pet - we offer Couples Treatments both in-house or at your home. Read more here

Massage Therapy

Choose your Time (mins) 

45 / 60 / 90 / 120 / 180  --

£45 / £50 / £60 / £80 / £120

Choose your Massage Style

Aromatherapy/Swedish Massage standard rate

Ayurvedic Head Massage standard rate

Ayurvedic Yoga Massage 90 mins +£10 

Lomilomi Massage  90 mins +£10

The Magick Massage  90 & 120 mins +£20

Pregnancy Massage standard rate

Choose your Add-ons

CBD oil (excl. Pregnancy Massage) / £10

Hot or Salt Stones (excl. Pregnancy) / £5

Self-Care Tutorial / 15 mins / £10

Thai Foot Massage / 30 mins / £10

Canine Massage       Price on request

Sports Massage       Please see page for full details

Ayurvedic & CBD Facials

Choose your Time

40, 70, 100 mins    £45, £65, £90

Choose your Routine

Ayurvedic                           no additional charge

Specialist CBD                   £10

Choose your Skin Type

Oily, Combination, Normal, Dry, Mature, Sensitive

Choose your Add-Ons

Hot Stones/Stone Face-lift          £5

Herbal compress & Hair steam   £5

Facial Analysis & routine recommendation   £10

Custom Face Oil to keep            £10

Chakra Spa Rituals

Root - Muladhara - Detox Massage & Foot Cleanse

90 mins           £60

Sacrum - Swasithana - Yoni Steaming (Women Only)

60 mins          £40

Solar Plexus - Manipura - Lymphatic Drainage Massage for Stomach 

45 mins        £35

Heart - Anahata - Warm Oil Massage for Décolleté, Arms & Hands 

30 mins      £30

Throat - Vishuddha- Lymphatic Drainage Massage for Neck, Ears & Jaw 

30 mins      £30

Third Eye - Agya - Warm Oil Massage for Face 

45 mins      £40

Crown - Sahasrara - Detox Massage for Head 

60 mins      £45

Complete Chakra Cleanse - All 7 Rituals 

150 mins    £120

Magick & Holistic Therapy

NEW Chakra Group Meditations

60 mins                 £10 pp (1st session FREE)

NEW Talking Palms Energy Healing

30 mins Add-On   £15

60 mins                £45

Astral Projection Ritual

60/90 mins        £45/£60

Chakra Cleanse Initiation

70 mins                £50

Mediterranean Spa Rituals

Juicy Lips

30 mins                       £30  

Golden Goddess - Scrub & Massage

60 mins Back & Legs  £60

90 mins Full Body       £90

Clay Oasis - Wrap & Massage

60 mins Back & Legs  £60

90 mins Full Body      £90

Rocks of the Med - Gold Hot Stones Massage

60 mins                      £60

Combination Therapies

Water - Oceanic - Lomilomi Massage & Thai Foot Massage 

90 mins      £80

Earth - Grounding - Choice of Chakra Spa Ritual & Talking Palms Energy Healing

90 mins       £80

Fire - Warmth - Ayurvedic Yoga Massage & Facial with Hot Stones + Steam

100 mins      £90

Air - Lifted - Aromatherapy Massage & Ayurvedic Head Massage

90 mins         £80

Ether - Pure Magick - The Magick Massage & Astral Projection Ritual

120 mins      £110

Magick Heaing Prices
Massage Therapy Prices
5 Element Body/Face Prices
Chakra Rituals

You can find me at Urban Angel Therapy Centre in Gosforth. I can also provide mobile appointments at a surcharge of £10 for clients over 3 miles outside of my home in Seaton Delaval. 

CONCESSIONS RATE AVAILABLE - if you are struggling financially or are disabled you will receive a 50% discount for all treatments. Please let me know in advance if you are disabled, in receipt of benefits/earning below £25k, or a student, so you can claim this (no proof will be asked for).


Release your toxic energy, release your stress, release what ties your core down and rise anew. To Release the Soul is to lose all that you have known falsely and embrace your truth!

Release The Soul.


Restore your power, restore your movement, restore your true self from where it has been hiding... Restore your Life Force energy and return fresh, motivated, and able to take on the world!

Restore Life Force.

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