Magick & Holistic Therapies


Magick is a type of craft that dates back far further than massage; it is with its use that the other realm of consciousness can be accessed. I have a fascination with other cultures and their ritual practices, and have used inspiration from several forms of magick to create my unique treatments.

Many more people nowadays are turning to alternative therapies as methods of treating their mental health concerns because "normal" counselling cannot accommodate their needs. Connecting with the spirit world can bring mental clarity, self-awareness and confidence with its introduction, and with more practice can produce real life answers to your specific desires. It is a great shame that certain individuals may scoff at the very mention of "witchcraft" and boast with glee that there is no "factual evidence to support its claims", however those individuals may reconsider how much of history they are aware of. Perhaps there might be more "recorded" evidence of natural healing if the communities where they were birthed had not been invaded or destroyed. I may be a "luna"tic but I'm certainly no loonatic! 

No spell is performed to tamper with anyone's free will or to curse them for petty reasons, and some better intentions include success in life, good health, boosting love and attraction, peace from trauma, and many other positive outcomes. Magick is neither intended to be the "cure" or "universal truth", rather a positive addition to one's healing journey, or to their healthy lifestyle.

I am here as your guide and support; I am able to open portals, pick up and transfer energy, or provide you readings, but I will never make any decisions for you or provide you with unsolicited advice. I try to keep my pricing realistic and I am open to discounts if you are struggling financially - you are welcome to view my package deals here also. If you are approached by anyone masquerading as myself offering you unasked-for readings please contact me immediately to prevent this disgusting kind of fraud. A reputable practitioner would never bombard others' space in this manner.

If you too are intrigued by the spiritual realm, or are simply curious, please read below for my current treatments...


The Enchanted Forest

The elemental beautifying ritual also has a natural partner in magick - take a walk with me through an area of woods, where we can talk through your anxieties or negative emotions at your own pace. Fresh air, light exercise, and the beauty of nature harmonizes with the exhales of relief as you unwrap your layers of scattered thoughts.

30 / 60 / 90 mins

Vodun Herbal Fushion

Shake the paranoid or troubled thoughts out of your overwhelmed mind with this powerfully purifying Voodoo head and soul cleanse. A combination of herbs are selected based on your chosen spell or desires and enchant you via consuming tea or inhaling incense.  Your parasitic thoughts will then be engulfed in flames whilst you enjoy a rigorous scalp massage to regain your peace.

60 mins

Ma'at Magick Massage

The deepest level of otherworldly realm I can offer to connect with. Ma'at magick can work alongside all spiritual followings and religions to bring you closer to the meaning of life. This ritual combines massage, enchantment, and self-expression to ignite your creativity & empower your growth.

60 / 90 / 120 mins

Ayurvedic Chakra Cleanse

The core energy centre of your Chakra system will always use a driving force (or a "will to live") however unbalanced Chakras could be for numerous reasons. Major factors of misalignment include poor diets, poor posture, excess stress, mental traumas and lack of spiritual connection. Regain love for yourself and the outside world to promote longevity, health and comfort in your life with this Ayurvedic ritual, incorporating crystal healing with massage and guided meditation. 

60 / 90 / 120 mins

Astral Projection

Have you ever wanted to try lucid dreaming? This star-lit ritual can be performed at any time of the day, and can be practiced in your own time before bed, to enhance your sleep and connect you to your spirit realm at a deeper level of consciousness. Binaural rhythms induce sleep, whilst ASMR sounds and  a dream reading will help you unlock the other realm. Lucid dreaming can also improve your self-awareness and open your mind to shadow work to become more in tune with your soul's needs. 

60 / 90 mins

Additional Services

You can enhance any holistic treatment by adding any of these enchantments:

  • ASMR Digital Audio...................£5

  • Custom ASMR Audio................£15

  • Dream Reading.....15-20 mins...£10

  • Divination spell.....15-20 mins...£10

  • Crystal Healing.......30 mins.......£15