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My Background

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My heritage is an array of Caucasian, Middle Eastern and North African, and I was born in a desert - I am quite a cultural mix! Unsurprisingly this has compelled me to experience many, many interests, locations and people throughout my short life so far. I like to keep open-minded and love participating in cultures from all over the globe. Recently I travelled over 10,000 miles across America with my partner in a converted van - we loved it so much we stored it in Colorado, and one day we will be reunited again! 

I have always had an interest in holistic healing methods; my grandfather, Stuart Korth, is a renowned osteopath with two clinics in the South of England (including the Osteopathic Centre for Children of which he is a co-founder), and his father, Leslie O Korth, has written many books on alternative healing therapies as well as in depth studies on the human mind and the power of creative imagination. He also ran a successful holistic retreat between the 1930's and 50's named Wenvoe House - people across the globe came to visit and experience his treatments. 


Their work and my natural ability to empathise and nurture has inspired me to embark on a journey of holistic practice. I have carefully designed my treatments to reflect who I am - a blend of modern, critical thinking with a vivid and fantastical imagination. My long term goal is to advance and further study with psychotherapy, and open my own health spa in the future, which will incorporate so much more than massage therapy. You'll either find me buried in a research book or collecting weird-looking rocks when my hands aren't at work!

I completed an International Massage Diploma, Lomilomi massage and Pregnancy massage diplomas, alongside other qualifications in health studies in 2021 and grew from there; I have worked at some fantastic festivals, massaged for Rick Astley's band, worked as a spa therapist for a luxury 5 star hotel, and have inspired many people to change their lives in numerous ways. I am so thankful for the feedback I have already received from my clients.


I believe massage therapy is far more than just relaxation. Many studies have shown that massage can improve blood circulation, help organ systems function better, and provide relief for a multitude of ailments such as muscle pain and tensions, fibromyalgia, headaches and migraines, and arthritis. 


It is also especially good for mental stress and various psychological difficulties such as depression, anxiety, fatigue and burnout, and Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD). I have personally found massage not only to be relieving, but has also helped me in my journey to a happy and empowered soul, so now I would like to provide this gift to you!


My Approach

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Using inspiration from nature, I believe in providing a relaxing, deep tissue massage, which above all else, is comfortable for you. I can also provide a lighter approach if needed. People are very similar to plants; we all need to feel cozy and warm in our soil, with a little boost of sunshine and water. It is also an uncommonly-known fact that human brain waves emit the same frequencies as the electromagnetic field of our earth... so it seems natural and suiting to work with our elements for our systems to be in balance with where we live.

No need for you to leave your house - I can come straight to you with everything! Or you can choose to visit my therapy room in the peaceful village of Wideopen. You can read more about the treatment and what it entails here.


I am highly skilled, respectful, and impartial -  you can be assured that every session will be tailored to your needs and confidential. I support a healthy, active lifestyle, alongside practicing mindfulness to be in control of your life. I cannot heal for you, but I can provide you with the energy, motivation & guidance to reclaim your power.

Please try and be as honest as possible in our initial consultation (or with any ongoing treatments) so I may provide the best care possible; your truthful feedback helps not only you, but also provides me with invaluable knowledge of conditions which I can help treat in the future too. 

I am trained and practiced in basic massages as well as Lomilomi, Thai foot and Swedish massages (and many more!); you may read more information about them below. I am also a keen artist and avid learner. You'll be sure to find a unique treatment to try today!

Wonderful Places I have worked for (2021-22):​

Courses I have undertaken (2021):

My Previous Works & Studies:
  • Hair & Make-up artist for an online "Mini: Countryman" advert (2014)

  • Scare actor at the nationally famous Tulley's Shocktoberfest (2013 & 2017)

  • A Levels in Maths, Film & Theatre Studies (2014)

  • 13 GCSEs incl. English, Maths & 3 Sciences (2012)

  • Volunteering for the Giving Garden (2019), the Sheffield Cats Shelter (2019) and helping with many beautiful people's pets! (1995 - present)

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