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Gift Vouchers & Current Offers

The perfect gift for any occasion

A good massage is a wonderful treat to gift a loved one. 

You can gift any amount you like and you will receive a beautiful digital voucher for use (if you would prefer a card voucher this is charged at an additional £2 to cover printing costs - please contact me). 


Summer Offers


30% OFF Lomilomi*

Summer brings the gift of heat, light & love. Lomilomi is the art of loving touch for mind, body & spirit. So gift yourself the inner beauty that you deserve with a special treat!

30% OFF any Lomilomi booking - just enter the code HAWAII30 at the checkout! 

**Complimentary CBD product (choose from shower bar, lip balm or pulse point roller) courtesy of GGGreen - with any 180 min booking. Simply type your chosen product upon booking.

Limited stock available.


New Offer: Experience Ayurvedic Living!

Curious about your Dosha compilation? Perhaps you feel that your skin could do with rebalancing and restoration? Embark on your Ayurvedic journey with me today...

One of the first tell-tale signs of energy blockages is via the skin layer - too much Pitta (fire) in your life may cause redness or irritation, excess Vata (air) may create dryness & wrinkles, and excess Kapha (water/earth) can present as oiliness or enlarged pores. Stress is one of the biggest factors in creating imbalances.


Experience a Bespoke Holistic Facial tailored to your skincare needs; we begin with a brief consultation to understand where your imbalances are and compose a treatment plan to restore your wellbeing. Then lay back and enjoy a cleanse, exfoliation, rejuvenating facial massage and your choice of add-ons, from steaming, hot stones, herbal compress, or Himalayan salt. Facials utilize Tri-Dosha skincare products, a luxury Ayurvedic brand based in the UK with all natural & organic ingredients, free from cruelty

Enhance your experience with a complimentary Guided Meditation & Sound Bath, yours to download and keep for whenever you need a moment's peace - a link will be provided to you at your appointment. 

Book your treatment now by clicking the button below - Facials start from 40 mins // £45.


Package Deals

Affordable, quality holistic therapy catered for you 

It is often recommended to have a good massage at least once a week, but that is not always possible for everyone. 

With my loyalty packages, you can be assured to have your specific needs met regularly, and ensure your finances will be happy, too!

Find out below to discover a plan that works for you.

Chakra group poster.png

New: Chakra Group Meditations

Stressful week at work or at home? Are the dark days & bad weather getting to you more than you would like? Come & relax in my cozy space with other like-minded people whilst we realign our Chakra systems. I will guide us through a journey from Root to Crown with a blissful meditation & crystal healing, as well as oracle cards and a warming share circle. 

Due to the popularity of my Chakra Cleanses, I have decided to bring the meditation to life with more than one person at a time! Following the spirit of Ayurveda, I share with you this journey of transcendence as we free ourselves from the noises of city life. Dissipate negative or toxic thoughts & allow yourself to be.

Please book your session in advance as the space is limited to 5 people. Yoga mats & pillows are provided, please bring an extra blanket if you would like. 

Weekly Friday 6pm sessions // £10 PP

Enjoy the Experience with your Partner or Friend...

I am now offering Couple's Massages & Beauty treatments with my lovely new therapist friend Alison at Massera Therapies...


Benefits of a Couple's Massage

A Couple's Massage is the ultimate in comfort: take a step away from life's stresses together...

  • Additional comfort of your partner being present for those who are normally put off by massage

  • Comfort increases relaxation so muscles become more workable, breathing regulates more easily & overall benefits are enhanced

  • Shared experience deepens your bond as a couple or friendship

  • Busy schedules can be more easily accommodated

  • Give your bestie the best(ie) birthday with a Side By Side Facial!

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