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Chakra Spa Rituals

Ready to delve deeper & thoroughly cleanse your Chakra system? 

7 Spa Rituals await you, designed & created with your empowerment in mind. If you have tried my Chakra Cleanse Initiation, and are now seeking specific treatments to unblock individual energy centres, then look no further! 

You are welcomed to mix & match your treatments, or try the Complete Chakra Cleanse - incorporating all 7 Rituals to detoxify, repair & restore you from the bottom to top and inside-out.

Please note the Sacrum (Swasithana) Ritual is only available for Women.


01 - Muladhara - Root

Detoxification Massage for Back, Legs & Feet

The Root governs our true essence; our baseline energy. This energy keeps us grounded, stable, aware of our truest form. When there is a build up of "ama" (toxins) in the Chakra it can be difficult to comprehend, let alone be aware of, who we are at our base. An imbalance in the Root could present itself as lack of motivation or will to succeed, instability with living situations & finances, a disconnection between the body & the earth (such as feeling uncomfortable in nature or outside).

My Muladhara Cleanse is the essence of "panchakarma" (detoxification massage) - your full back is exfoliated with a combination of Ayurvedic powders, cleansed with a herbal compress & warm towels, then nourished with oil massage, bringing you back to your roots with the earth. The feet are then cleansed & massaged with hot stones to warm you from the ground. You can opt for a meditation to accompany, or enjoy the experience in silence. 

02 - Swasithana - Sacrum

Yoni Steaming  (Women Only)

The Sacrum governs our sexuality & creativity; our "prana" (core energy) is stored here, in the Kundalini Shakti (the divine feminine energy, often depicted as a serpent, coiled at the base of the spine).  The sacrum gives us freedom, chaos, imagination & emotion. Misalignment or energy blockages can present themselves as menstrual problems (such as heavy bleeding, severe cramps, PMS, nausea & sickness), menopause problems (such as hormone & mood instability, hair loss, weight gain, thrush & other bacterial infections), or sexual problems (such as loss of sex drive, unhealthy sexual activity, infertility, or painful sex). The Kundalini Shakti can also be damaged or destroyed in cases of sexual assault or rape. 


My Swasithana Cleanse is a ritual created only for women & people with female sex organs - your vagina is steamed from a pot filled with purifying herbs & flowers, whilst sat upon a comfortable stool & covered with a full body towel. Inhale the smoke from my smudge stick as your body is cleansed from the inside-out. A privacy screen is provided for your comfort. Allow any emotions to flow; the more you can let go & feel free, the more powerful this ritual will make you feel. 


03 - Manipura - Solar Plexus

Lymphatic Drainage Massage for Stomach
with Tea Ceremony & Food Planner

The Solar Plexus governs our digestive system; it combines our Tejas (Radiance) with our Ojes (Vitality) and brings balance & order back to our body for planning, organising, taking action & transforming emotions into reactions. Energy blockages will present as lacking vitality & overall health, digestive problems (such as bloating, nausea & sickness, poor diet & malnutrition, poor gut health). Eating well is more than just to make our bodies look & feel good; feeding yourself toxins will also create negative thought patterns, so nourish your mind & body with the right food!

My Manipura Cleanse is both a detox for your stomach & a guide to eating better for your health. Lay back and allow your belly to relax, as the tissues are carefully restored to improve your digestion, lymphatic drainage, and nervous system using firm massage techniques. Your stomach will feel more toned, skin will appear brighter & any fat will reduce. The ritual is complete with a Tea Ceremony & an Ayurvedic diet plan to help you maintain your results & promote longevity.

04 - Anahata - Heart

Warm Oil Massage for Décolleté, Arms & Hands 
with Compassion Building

The Heart governs our love; our love for our selves, our capacity to hold love for others & our capacity to receive love. The Heart helps us grow, evolve & nurture new life. Often there can be a disconnect between the Heart & Sacrum if energy has become blocked; the essence of love is not the same as the feeling of love, and many times people can become lost in unhealthy relationships or accept being mistreated & abused because of a lack of this essence. 

Vasculature of the Heart

My Anahata Cleanse will help you regain your inner love, with a warming oil massage from your chest to your hands. Connect through human touch and grow your compassion with nourishing nail & cuticle balm, energy healing for the heart, and guided affirmations for practicing self-love. 


05 - Vishuddha - Throat

Lymphatic Drainage Massage for Neck, Ears & Jaw
with Breathwork

The Throat governs our communication; our expression of our thoughts, our language choice, our speech & tone of voice. The throat can become blocked by a lack of hydration & oxygen, presenting as breathlessness, speech impairments, misunderstandings in communication or as mouth & throat problems (such as sore throat, blocked ears & swollen glands, mucus cough, overactive & underactive thyroids, or tensions in the neck & jaw).

My Vishuddha Cleanse combines lymphatic drainage massage with "pranayama" (breathwork) to ignite the energy within your Throat & open your voice to speak your truth. You will engulf a fresh, full glass of water before your ritual to hydrate, then unblock your energy with guided breaths. The neck, jaw, ears & mouth are reworked using exfoliation of the skin & firm pressure on the tissues to relieve tension & inflammations. The ritual is complete with nourishing oil to leave your skin moisturised. 

06 - Agya - Third Eye

Warm Oil Massage for Face
with Crystal & Sound Healing

The Third Eye governs our intellect; our capability to think with reason & logic, our capability to transform our perspectives, our inner wisdom learned through life experiences. Energy blockages could be expressed as unhealthy thought patterns, mental health difficulties or illness, lack of self-awareness & careless thinking, a disconnect between mind & body, difficulties processing information, or feeling overwhelmed, stressed & unable to manage daily tasks.


My Agya Cleanse will bring your mind to enlightenment, and leave your face glowing too! Enchanting sounds allow your mind to drift away on a journey of it's own, whilst your body is restored. First, a hot herbal compress is applied, to detoxify any ama stored in the Third Eye. Ayurvedic cosmetics treat your skin to a replenishment, then a warm oil encases you & nourishes your face; gentle massage with marma point pressures will alleviate tensions held in the jaw, cheeks, temples & forehead. This ritual is complete with crystal energy healing to unlock your Third Eye.


07 - Sahasrara - Crown

Detoxification Massage for Head
with Transcendental Meditation

The Crown governs our connection of the Chakra; rather than an energy centre of its own, the Crown encompasses & protects all of the energy centres in a complete collection. It connects our Chakra with a spiritual realm, bringing greater awareness to mind, body & soul. A blocked or exposed Crown could present itself as a lack of faith or spiritual connection, lack of direction in life & problems with commitment, lack of overall awareness or neglect for wellbeing.

My Sahasrara Cleanse will restore peace & harmony, increase your spiritual awareness, and bring your identity back to you through the powerful touch of head massage. A hot Himalayan salt steam cleanses your scalp, then nourishing Ayurvedic oils coat your head & hair to restore hydration. The brain is carefully tended to with nurturing palms and transcendental soundwaves & visualisations; allow yourself to express any feelings which arise. You can choose to remain clothed if it will bring you more comfort. 

08 - Complete Chakra Cleanse

Root to Crown - all Seven Rituals as One

For when all of your energy is out of alignment; have you read through all of these rituals & resonated with most or all of the misalignments? Perhaps you are unable to decide on one treatment, because too many energy centres are blocked, or too much ama is polluting your decision-making. Your mind, body & spirit may be lacking a connection, or you may have been storing ama for too long - now it is time to take a break & bring yourself back to health. 


My Chakra Cleanse is a complete, bespoke spa ritual to restore your Chakra system from top to bottom & inside out. All areas of the body are thoroughly detoxified, repaired & nourished to leave you as a renewed person. Massage is accompanied with breathwork, meditation, herbs, crystals & sounds to work in unison, for overall balance & inner peace. Please note all 7 rituals are only available for women & people with female sex organs; men & people with male sex organs are offered 6 rituals as one instead. 

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