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Sports/Events Massage

I have had numerous requests for Sports Massage treatments, and as such I have decided to undertake the Active IQ Level 3 in Sports Massage, which I have completed as of May 2023. 

Please see below for a price list.

15 mins pre-event / 1 hour post-event

Sports Event Massage

I will start with a warm-up massage to help your muscles loosen and get you ready for intense exercise. If needed, you will also receive a massage during your event (for multiple discipline events such as triathlons or other track/field events), and a further post-event massage which is much longer and more pleasant to relax to after rigorous exercise. As a previously trained fighter in martial arts & winner of a charity boxing match, I know the true benefits of caring for your body with exercise!

£30 PP

Up to 90 minutes including stretches

Clinical Assessment & Massage

From time to time, our bodies can get injured from extreme exercise, overworked from hard labour, and burned out to the point where intense repair is needed. I will conduct a complete assessment including assessing your posture, range of movement & emotional state, then treat appropriately. Your massage will include passive stretches, myoskeletal release, and can last from 40 to 70 mins. 

from £30

Theater Performance

30 - 90 minute sessions

Performer Bodywork

Sports Massage can work in harmony with performing artists as well as athletes! Utilise the power of the healing touch, complete with assessment, breathwork & mindfulness session to give you the energy for your performance!

You can choose anywhere from 30 to 90 minutes to fit around your schedule & can even book your treatment onsite before your show. Groups can also benefit from warm-up & wind-down workshops, so make it an event and get the whole crew involved!

from £10 PP

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