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Sports/Events Massage

Are you an athlete with a major sports event, actor or dancer with a theatre or film production, or perhaps you might have a training exercise coming up? I offer shorter, more intense sports massages for pre-, inter-, and post-event, as well as specialised massages for numerous specific sports injuries. You will need confirmation from a doctor prior to any treatment. 

Please see below for a price list.

15 mins pre-event / 1 hour post-event

Sports Event Massage

I will start with a warm-up massage to help your muscles loosen and get you ready for intense exercise. If needed, you will also receive a massage during your event (for multiple discipline events such as triathlons or other track/field events), and a further post-event massage which is much longer and more pleasant to relax to after rigorous exercise. 

£100 pp

Up to 90 minutes including stretches

Sports Injury Massage

From time to time, our bodies can get injured from intense exercise, incorrect or no stretching beforehand, or for other reasons. I can treat a number of sports related injuries including (but not limited to): cycling, running, court sports, swimming, dancing, and many more. Depending on the injury, a massage can last from 20 minutes to an hour. 

Custom Prices

1 hour - 90 minute sessions

Performer Bodywork

Massage is often used for relaxation and aiding stressed muscles. However, there are other bodywork techniques (such as the Alexander Technique) which can be practiced by all performers wishing to maximise their body's potential. Each training session is catered to your specific performance needs, and will include a combination of massage, bodywork, and spiritual healing.

£100 per session

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