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A complete care package tailored for you




Signature Magick Massage

After so much literal "hands-on" experience, I have come across many souls whom all have specific needs. I welcome you into my space for your fully tailored Magick Massage Therapy. No routine is the same, as everyone experiences emotions and feelings differently, and not all techniques will work with the same body. 

After your initial consultation by form, further questions will be asked in your treatment session so that the experience can be tailored and an in depth assessment can be made. In some cases I may perform a physical assessment to investigate the pain, such as testing your shoulder rotation or palpation upon your neck. A combination of Sports, Swedish, Lomilomi, Thai & Ayurvedic techniques can be used upon targeted areas for pain-relief. The Magick element can include any of the following or a combination of: sound therapy, crystals, smudging (or cleansing), energy healing, guided meditation, dream reading, oracle reading and divination spells.

If you choose the 3 hour option, you will also have time after your massage for meditation, self-care tutorial or food planner, and of course as many teas as you like! 


Ayurvedic Yoga Massage (AYM)

Very similar to Thai Massage, but powerful in its own sense - the beautiful modality of Ayurvedic Yoga Massage uses yogic stretches, deep tissue oil massage using both the hands & feet, and specially sourced calamus powder for a full body alignment that is bespoke to your needs.

You are draped with "lunghis" (comfortable cotton sheets which are typically worn as clothing in India) and enjoy a wonderful large and comfy floor futon to lie on. Choose to rest your head sideways or sink your face into my padded headrest. You can also increase your comfort with additional cushions. 

This treatment is fully bespoke; there is no set routine and all movements are tailored to your specific health needs. Many people can benefit from AYM but in particular the massage can help yoga beginners or yogis who have been out of practice for a while, sports people (i.e. runners, cyclers, golfers, swimmers and rowers), desk workers, manual labourers, menopausal women, and anyone who is overworked, stressed or sleep-deprived!

Please be honest with your consultation and take as long as you need - you can choose up to 2.5 hours.


Deep Tissue Lomilomi Hawaiian Massage

My favourite massage - this deep tissue treatment will take you away to the breezy tropical beaches of this amazing Island. Lomilomi is the dance of the hands; the therapist moves in tune with you to make your knots drift away with the waves...

Starting with a smudging of sage directly from my garden, accompanied by your favourite music, your whole body is then relaxed and restored in nourishing flaxseed oil. Your muscles are pulled and rolled, like the gentle rhythm of the tide; relief from pain sweeps in whilst your spirit ascends to the moon. The sacred art of Lomilomi is physical, mental, emotional & spiritual healing - realignment of mind, body and soul.

Please inform me if you would like any additional scents as this massage is traditionally performed with just the base oil.


Thai Foot Massage

You can purchase this service as an add-on treatment to include legs, feet, arms & hands.

Thai foot massage uses acupressure techniques and stretching of joints to relax the legs and feet, and tap into Sen lines; it is quite similar to Reflexology. I use my own handmade wooden sticks to press into the acupoints and you may keep yours after your treatment to use when you like. You can also choose hot stones instead!


Ayurvedic Head Massage

Gently soothing and sleep-inducing, this head, neck and shoulder massage also cares for damaged hair using richly nourishing Jojoba & Argan oils. Ayurveda is the "Knowledge of Life" which is both a form of spirituality, and healthcare system with over 400 hospitals, originating in India. The first massage that I learned was Indian Head Massage, and this brought me to a whole new world of holistic health. Ayurveda to me is about bringing balance within; we are formed of the Doshas (Vatta, Pitta, Kapha) and an excess of each can create imbalances in mind, body and soul. For example too much Pitta (fire) can create an aggressive temper, burnout, red or inflamed skin; Kapha (water) creates heaviness in mind & body, oily skin, fatigue or sluggishness; Vatta (air) creates lightness in mind & body, dry or rough skin, memory loss and scattered, anxious thoughts. 

Ayurvedic Head Massage is recommended to improve sleep quality, help treat mental health disorders such as PTSD and insomnia, and improve overall mood for emotional distress. 

My Head Massage can last up to an hour and includes a Dosha assessment; I like to spend more time with you so that you feel thoroughly relaxed, give yourself some real rest, and find the right balance for you. Feel the difference with my hot towel head wrap, stimulating scalp rejuvenation, and facial steam with marma point pressures. 


Canine Massage & Animal Healing

Did you know that domesticated pets can benefit from the same therapies as us humans?

Canine Massage & Animal Healing are intended to work for rescue animals in particular, as the connection of energy through human and animal helps to restore trust between the species. Working in the physical sense, massage helps to improve circulation, lymphatic drainage, soothe joint or muscle inflammations & improve overall muscle tone - this can really help elderly dogs with arthritic pain or animals recovering from surgery.  In terms of the mind, massage helps to relax the nervous system & restore a state of rest by detoxifying negative moods & rebalancing energy centres to improve your pet's overall wellbeing, which can especially benefit skittish or anxious animals. 

Animal Healing can take anywhere from 15 - 45 minutes depending on the breed, size & attention span of your pet. To prevent the risk of certain allergens in my treatment room, the service is offered as a mobile service only - please contact me for a complete quote.


Mama Bee Pregnancy Massage

Pregnancy massage is highly recommended for expectant mothers suffering from back pain, general fatigue or emotional distress. Using no scents or fancy oils, my massage is peacefully relaxing and gentle to help ease your tensions and improve your bond with your growing baby.

You can choose a full body or just the back and shoulders - you will be lying down on your side with a comfortable support pillow which feels like a giant pair of arms hugging you tight. You can also choose the head and feet for a thoroughly relaxing treatment where you won't have to turn over!



Enhance your experience with a number of Add-On services. Choose from the following:

Holistic treatments are about far more than just feeling good and relaxed - 1 hour of remedial massage is equivalent to 7-8 hours sleep! I really aim to help you in many other ways, such as targeting the correct areas of pain at their core and preventing further pain or damage by recommending lifestyle changes which can absolutely benefit you. I am also here as a listening ear for any and all problems that you might have; your treatment is completely confidential and free from any judgement. Massage therapy offers the benefits of both talking therapies (such as counselling) with proven, practical techniques to balance & realign the body and mind, prevent future or further health issues, as well as treat symptoms of musculoskeletal, lymphatic and digestive ailments. Beauty and Alternative therapies have their own places within the healthcare industry, too. 

During your initial consultation you will be asked a series of questions about your health (physical, mental and emotional) in order to asses your needs. Make sure you are as honest as possible so that you get the best treatment provided. Your consultation should take no longer than 20 minutes and is carried out via Google Forms - you will receive a Google Invite upon booking with a link for this. Please contact me if you have any problems with the link, or if you would prefer a telephone conversation. 

For home visits, I will ask that you have a spare room with space for a massage table and myself to move around (or otherwise equipment needed depending on your choice of treatment). Upon arrival, I will set up whilst you relax in your home. We will then have a more in depth discussion about your needs so I can get to know you and your tastes better (i.e. music on/off, oils, talking etc.) and you can feel comfortable with me providing your treatment.

If you choose to come to my treatment room, you will be welcomed with a fresh herbal tea, a pair of cosy slippers and a vast array of books to enjoy. Please feel free to take your choice of book home to read at your own pace - you can either swap it, return it or donate as much as you can afford to keep it. Experience the aromas and sounds to provide you with a completely enchanting service. And what's more, all in-house treatments are discounted! 

During your treatment I will make you aware of my movements and techniques so you can be assured you are being cared for properly. I totally understand that too much talking can lead to discomfort so I will not be offended if you wish to be left in silence instead. I will always communicate with you and stop at any point if you are uncomfortable. Please do not feel ashamed to express your emotions - some people can laugh, cry, fall asleep or simply feel an inner sensation which can only be described as "warm"!

After your massage you should hopefully feel light, wobbly, and soothed. I will explain any contra-actions (completely normal bodily reactions and self-healing processes as a result of massage) and let you sit back and enjoy the rest of your day in peace. You may choose to book with me again - it is excellent practice to have regular therapy!

If you have a friend, family member or group and would like to discuss bundle treatments please don't hesitate to contact me; you are welcomed to view my Bridal & Pamper Party Packages here.

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