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My Treatment Room

A place where you are taken care of...

Enjoy the welcoming and peaceful environment of my brand new therapy room, located in Urban Angel Therapy Centre, Gosforth.

The space is airy and light, but also cozy enough so you can tuck in and chill...



A new beginning  


You will be welcomed with a clean pair of slippers and a freshly brewed beverage of your choice. Feel free to make yourself comfortable in the waiting area, we will then go through to talk about your consultation form in more detail. Please don't hesitate to ask any questions and let me know if there is anything I can do to increase your comfort (such as more warmth, particular aroma, additional pillows etc.). You will then be left to undress and shown appropriate draping techniques to ensure comfort and dignity.

There are toilet facilities and a small waiting area available. Parking is available on the various streets outside as well as being conveniently located within 5 minutes walk of Gosforth High Street. Please wear comfortable, loose clothing and minimal jewellery. Hair is best left free and unwashed. Don't worry if you haven't shaved or have dirty feet - all bodies are accepted and cared for in my space, and every beauty or massage treatment starts with a gentle foot cleanse! 


Take 3 deep breaths and relax... 


Blissful restoration


The treatment couch is comfortably supportive and beautifully decorated to the quality of a luxury spa, so you can relax and lie back as beautiful music and scents surround the space. For Ayurvedic massages, pregnancy or Chakra Cleansing treatments, you can either sit upright in the massage couch, or lay back on my brand new comfortable floor futon. Pregnancy massages always come equipped with a big pair of pillow arms to hug you and your womb tight. Some alternative therapies or makeup treatments may require other spacing arrangements, however this will all be discussed with you prior to arrival. 

I have a wonderful selection of nourishing oils, natural skincare products and nutrient-boosted earthly remedies for you to choose from. As a special offer to my loyal clients, you can also get to try my own homemade cosmetics first hand - you can even keep a sample for continued use.

Based on your requirements and preferences, I will practice your treatment carefully and caringly. It is a slow progression to ensure optimum relaxation, and I do not mind if you fall asleep! The experience is a powerful combination of sensory reception - true restorative practice to cleanse the mind, body and spirit. You may also wish for some sage to be burned at the beginning of your massage (freshly grown and harvested from my back garden), so please let me know in advance of your appointment. As with home visits, I will continue to practice good communication by guiding you through the process appropriately and respecting boundaries. 


Your aftercare


After your treatment, I will leave you to redress and take a moment to breathe once again. You are then offered a glass of fresh filtered water and we can discuss contra-actions and aftercare instructions, or book any follow-up treatments if needed. 

This is the best time to evaluate your options, reflect on your experience, and perhaps meditate to gently bring you back to reality. You may now also want to treat yourself to another hot beverage as you rest.

I aim to thoroughly discuss your treatment with you in order to give you peace of mind; it can be daunting sometimes to trust another person with our bodies, which is why I want to remain open, honest and comprehensive with my clients so everyone feels comfortable!

Please feel free to take your time as you get ready to leave and enjoy the rest of your day - there are lots of things for you to try in Gosforth!


Release the soul


Once the mind and body is relaxed, one tends to experience clearer, more rational thinking, and you may see situations in a new light. Massage therapy is extremely good for enhancing your brain power because having a clearer mind inevitably helps you stay focused and work effieciently!

Now that your time is complete, please ensure you have picked up all your items; you can also purchase CBD cosmetics before you leave. Please do feel free to ask any questions which you might have before departure also. I would be delighted if you were to leave a review for me when you are settled back home - feedback helps me to consistently improve and help reach others who are in need!

Take a breath of fresh air as you exit the door - I hope that your wander through the art of massage therapy has restored your mind, body and spirit. 


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