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Embark on a quest to find your best self!

Elemental Bespoke Healing Journey

Ma'at Magick is a form of spiritual healing which takes inspiration from Ancient Egyptian rituals and worship of those deities. It is not intended to exist as a belief or following on its own, but rather as an addition to one's existing practice, and can be developed to accommodate. Think of it like a practice you can use to enhance your communication and connection with your Spirit (whether it be God, Allah, Vishnu, Shiva, Waheguru, Buddha or any other less commonly known deities). 

Ma'at works very well with all the elements, and so I have taken inspiration from my elemental beauty treatments and combined with spiritual healing to create this Journey for you. I have been working for a long time to develop this, which is intended as a "course" for you to embark upon and develop yourself as a person. I realised many negative aspects of standard counselling and therapy within the UK; it is often time-limited, there are many forms to fill in, and I personally do not feel "true" healing from the normal methods of talking. I can barely form coherent sentences as it is, so speaking about my problems doesn't seem very accessible.

So I made this Journey myself instead, using my knowledge, skills & creativity.

I am just one person trying to make the world a better place; I am not a qualified psychologist or counsellor, but this is not a talking therapy nor am I here to psychoanalyze you. People have quirks, "society" is just a construct created by other humans who wanted to find a word for our species as a collective. I don't view mental health as "illness", and rather believe the influences that cause you to feel negative emotions are the problem - not who you are or how your brain is imagined to be "wired up". 

I found Ma'at Magick via a book by Nema - the methods used for ritual practice and overall ideas about how to connect have helped me immensely to unlock new perspectives of the world, put an end to my self-destructive behaviours, and really change my life for the better. I can truly say I have never felt happier within myself than ever before. I am not here to preach to you about nonsense - I am here to share a gift.

With the gift of Ma'at you will be able to rid yourself of insecurities, atone for past regrets, free yourself from the murky dungeon in which you have trapped yourself in for so long! Ma'at Magick Healing has the power to bring a life force into you; drain away toxic people and give yourself a protective shield to guard against evil. 

So don't delay, you can start your Bespoke Healing Journey from today!

                                                                                                                                                               Find out more below...

  • The Complete Package

    Self Odyssey

    Every month
    Pathway of Abundance
    Valid for 7 months+ 14 day free trial
    • Start-up kit inc. spiritual supplies, workbook & soundscape
    • Bespoke tailored prayers & meditations
    • Fast-tracked appointments
    • All workbook activities & beauty treatments included
    • Mentoring for Ma'at Initiation throughout
    • Free treatments for family & friends