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Embark on a quest to find your best self!

Elemental Bespoke Healing Journey

Ma'at Magick is a form of spiritual healing which takes inspiration from Ancient Egyptian rituals and worship of those deities. It is not intended to exist as a belief or following on its own, but rather as an addition to one's existing practice, and can be developed to accommodate. Think of it like a practice you can use to enhance your communication and connection with your Spirit (whether it be God, Allah, Vishnu, Shiva, Waheguru, Buddha or any other less commonly known deities). 

Ma'at works very well with all the elements, and so I have taken inspiration from my elemental beauty treatments and combined with spiritual healing to create this Journey for you. I have been working for a long time to develop this, which is intended as a "course" for you to embark upon and develop yourself as a person. I realised many negative aspects of standard counselling and therapy within the UK; it is often time-limited, there are many forms to fill in, and I personally do not feel "true" healing from the normal methods of talking. I can barely form coherent sentences as it is, so speaking about my problems doesn't seem very accessible.

So I made this Journey myself instead, using my knowledge, skills & creativity.

I am just one person trying to make the world a better place; I am not a qualified psychologist or counsellor, but this is not a talking therapy nor am I here to psychoanalyze you. People have quirks, "society" is just a construct created by other humans who wanted to find a word for our species as a collective. I don't view mental health as "illness", and rather believe the influences that cause you to feel negative emotions are the problem - not who you are or how your brain is imagined to be "wired up". 

I found Ma'at Magick via a book by Nema - the methods used for ritual practice and overall ideas about how to connect have helped me immensely to unlock new perspectives of the world, put an end to my self-destructive behaviours, and really change my life for the better. I can truly say I have never felt happier within myself than ever before. I am not here to preach to you about nonsense - I am here to share a gift.

With the gift of Ma'at you will be able to rid yourself of insecurities, atone for past regrets, free yourself from the murky dungeon in which you have trapped yourself in for so long! Ma'at Magick Healing has the power to bring a life force into you; drain away toxic people and give yourself a protective shield to guard against evil. 

So don't delay, you can start your Bespoke Healing Journey from today!

                                                                                                                                                               Find out more below...

  • The Complete Package

    Self Odyssey

    Every month
    Pathway of Abundance
    Valid for 7 months+ 14 day free trial
    • Start-up kit inc. spiritual supplies, workbook & soundscape
    • Bespoke tailored prayers & meditations
    • Fast-tracked appointments
    • All workbook activities & beauty treatments included
    • Mentoring for Ma'at Initiation throughout
    • Free treatments for family & friends


The Levels of Ma'at

Ma'at Initiation has 10 levels, descending in order. You become initiated by connecting with your Spirit, to establish your exact purpose. The idea is that you initiate your "self", but it is best practiced with guidance. And if you have no idea what Ma'at even is then you are probably best suited to this Bespoke Healing Journey! 

The majority of these levels involve a state of lucid dreaming, so I recommend you try my Astral Projection Ritual to begin with, so you can get the practice for this. If you are already able to lucid dream, or reach deeper levels of consciousness when you meditate, then you are more suited to an initial consultation (free of charge) to talk through what you are looking to get out of this Journey. 

Level 8 also uses tarot cards, but not for reading with. Instead you will learn to "Dance the Mask" with these cards; a practice intended to give you the ability to "see" into other peoples' minds. 

Go At Your Own Pace

A journey well spent takes as long as you need...

You can choose to have weekly, monthly, or "ad hoc" appointments to practice, and mix and match when you need to. Spiritual healing does not rely on time constraints, and neither should your personal Journey. 

Sometimes you really just don't feel like leaving the house, and that is ok! Whilst I would love to help you in person, with this Journey if you are not feeling up to it one day, you're more than welcome to let me know and I will schedule a Zoom call instead - after all, lucid dreaming can be practiced anywhere!

You'll get to enjoy beautifully selected outdoor activities via your workbook, as well as use it to express yourself creatively, learn about interests of education, ancient magick and natural wildlife, and journal your thoughts in your private space. 


How Can Ma'at Work for Me?


Invoking Sunlight in a Dark world...

Many Ancient Egyptian texts depict "gate-holders" which were often minor deities who would quite literally, hold the gates to many hidden passageways as guardians. For example, they believed that the sun was governed by the god Ra, and the gates to "the darkness" (or night-time) were held open by his lion disciples and closed at night to keep him protected.

Darkness has always been connoted as "evil" and "the underworld" throughout history, and the feeling of darkness can plague many minds, which is why we call upon Ra with much of Ma'at, in order to invoke sunlight and warmth into your life. If you are looking for darkness I suggest you instead try my Voodoo-inspired Herbal Ritual.


Initiation of Ma'at is also intended to open up a world of possibilities and opportunities for you - lightness creates ideas, confidence, and overall wellbeing. When you are able to walk through these hidden passageways and reveal to yourself what was waiting there to be seen, you are able to understand yourself better and realise what you need from life. 

Ma'at gives you the tools to build your sacred inner temple to retreat to. Ma'at invokes the sense of truth and wisdom deep within your soul. Ma'at gives you sexual freedom, and a deeply intimate love for your self and sexuality. You will be able to reason with more people, gain deeper understanding of others and the wider world, and connect intimately with your Spirit to remove your identity from your traumas.

More than just a Dream!

No hidden fees, just hidden treats...

As a Bespoke client, you are treated to more than just your Ma'at Initiation! Your Healing Journey will come with a beautifully designed workbook with over 90 pages for you to complete in your own time, containing activities, planners, creative spaces and much more! There are 3 different Pathways for you take, to make the most of your Journey, and each has been tailored to suit a range of needs. 

You can choose to complete the activities by yourself, or book an appointment with me if you'd prefer to do it with guidance (all activities are included with each Pathway), and for the Self Odyssey & Soul Exploration Pathways, the beauty treatments are included as well - there are a total of 5 different elemental-themed treatments. You can of course choose to book any of these treatments additionally if you choose the Celestial Discovery; please refer to your workbook for pricing. 

Please read below for the full Pathway details...

Screenshot 2023-01-15 103154.jpg
Over 90 pages!

Self Odyssey

Pathway of Abundance

  • Start-up kit inc. spiritual supplies, workbook & digital soundscape

  • Bespoke tailored prayers & meditations 

  • Fast-tracked appointments

  • All activities & beauty treatments included

  • Mentoring available throughout


Can be paid via monthly instalments of £78.60


Soul Exploration

Pathway of Variety

  • Digital soundscape and personal workbook

  • Bespoke prayers & meditations

  • All activities & beauty treatments included

  • Mentoring available throughout

  • Treatment vouchers available


Can be paid via monthly instalments of £71.40


Celestial Discovery

Pathway of Simplicity

  • Personal Workbook

  • Bespoke meditations

  • All activities included, beauty treatments priced individually

  • Mentoring available throughout

  • Treatment vouchers available


Can be paid via monthly instalments of £50

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